Palo Santo Sticks Bundle of 2

Palo Santo Sticks Bundle of 2

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Palo Santo is often referred to and

recognized as 'holy wood'. Its tree,

'Bursera Graveolens', is found in South

America, sustainably harvested after

it has fallen & naturally cured, ensuring powerful

energetic & healing properties are absorbed. Palo

Santo produces a sweet smell, &can be 

used in personal meditation, ceremonial 

prayer, for purification, & energy



To smudge: Take piece of wood & light

at a downward angle. Hold the fire to

the stick for 30-45 seconds until smoke

begins to rise. When done, put stick

in a fireproof bowl/sand to extinguish

the embers safely.


*Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested in Ecuador + obtained thru a wholesaler who ensures community partnership in ethically reforesting and fair trade.