Smokey Quartz (small)
Smokey Quartz (small)

Smokey Quartz (small)

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Smokey Quartz is a calming/grounding stone that aids in protection from negativity. It absorbs negative energy, so it is a great stone for use in protection. Smokey Quartz is also used as a grounding stone, and helps lessen anxiety, depression, fear, and negative thinking. 

Crystals come into contact and can hold energy and intent from others (hands) so here are ways to clear/cleanse & activate your stone.

To cleanse:. Smudge with smoke and speak intentionally over it. Visualize white light pouring out over your crystals and ask Spirit to dispel all negative energy that doesn't serve you.

To activate/program: Speak the desired intentions over your stone. "I speak/pray the intention of ______ over this crystal for my highest good." Wear the crystal close to your body to connect with it.

Happy Crystal-ing!